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26 September 2014, 08:37
Just completed a 7.6x39 AR build and am having issues with the primers being punched enough to initiate a "fire". The first round chambered fires fine, it ejects fine, and seems to reload fine, however round two will not fire correctly. After removing the round through cycling the charging handle the next round will fire correctly and then the failures repeat. I was told to install a heavier hammer and spring. I was told that the M16 parts kit has a heavier spring and hammer than an AR15 parts kit. Has anyone else had similar issues with a 7.62x39 build? My best friend built one at the same exact time, he used all different parts (with the exception of the LPK) and he has the same issue. http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff434/NME_SNIPER/Mobile%20Uploads/20140830_131923_zps6zdpgj9p.jpg (http://s1235.photobucket.com/user/NME_SNIPER/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20140830_131923_zps6zdpgj9p.jpg.html)

26 September 2014, 09:28
if you have any other springs, try them first. if not , wolfe makes a heavy spring kit.

26 September 2014, 11:44
Can't help with the primer issue but that does not look like a x39 mag

26 September 2014, 14:27
That looks like a standard P-Mag. Try only loading 8 rounds in it.