View Full Version : Spent Saturday on my own project!

19 October 2014, 11:16
Saturday I took the time to cerakote and build one of my own AR's!
AXTS Lower with AXTS Controls
CMC Flat Trigger
Umbrella Corp Grip23
Battle Arms Development Short throw Safety
Matching Hexmag
San Tan Tactical PILLAR Billet Upper
Area Armor NiB BCG
AXTS/Rainier Arms Raptor Charging handle
Rainier Arms Fluted Select Series 16" barrel
2A Arms Titanium Gas Block
Seekins Gas Tube
Currently a Ferfrans muzzle, being replaced with a Lantac Dragon when it arrives
AM-TAC Precision 15" Keymod Rail
MFT Minimalist Stock
V7 Weapon Works Castle Nut
Fortis QD End Plate
VLTOR Buffer Tube/Spikes T1 Buffer/ JP Performance buffer spring

Still need a few small parts like the bolt release which should be here soon!

Wanted to do something insane that will be reliable as well as a great display for the shop.
It's not for everyone so any and all criticism, positive or negative appreciated!


19 October 2014, 11:21
Dude! Don't stand so close to the zombies when you shoot them!

Seriously though, looks good.


19 October 2014, 11:54
Dang Mike!! Your work gets batter and better as you go. Great job, again!!

(yeah, I'm a bit of a fanboy for Mike's Cerakote work. Proud to have an early one.)

19 October 2014, 11:55
An awesome looking rifle!

19 October 2014, 12:23
you mentioned on facebook that you were thinking about putting a dragon break on it. I just put one on my 308 and the difference is insane. After 5-6 boxes of ammo my shoulder is still fresh. I'm assuming they perform great on Ar-15's as well. Nice paint job

19 October 2014, 12:35
Super nice job with the Cerakoting. I like it! In my humble opinion it's going to look even better with the LanTac Dragon on the end too [;)]

19 October 2014, 13:06
Outstanding job Mike. I am always looking for your IG feed updates.

19 October 2014, 13:08
That cerakote looks wicked. Looks incredibly time consuming lol.

19 October 2014, 13:24
Outstanding job Mike. I am always looking for your IG feed updates.

I second this. I do the exact same thing. One of the main reasons I get on IG is to see what he's comes up with next. Awesome work as always. I want to get my rifle to you at some point. I'm thinking a halo, destiny, or titanfall themed build would be awesome!

20 October 2014, 17:35
Thanks for the comments! The dragon is on the way along with a few missing parts from my AXTS lowers. They both were shipped without a bolt catch and take down pins. AXTS is getting them out tomorrow!

20 October 2014, 18:42
Fantastic job man. Thing is a beauty. Tony Stark would approve! Love the stencil logo next to the selector.

20 October 2014, 19:00
Fantastic job man. Thing is a beauty. Tony Stark would approve! Love the stencil logo next to the selector.

Oh whoa I hadn't even caught that...

20 October 2014, 19:08
[wow] Pure awesomeness right here. Great job!

How long did this project take you to do?

21 October 2014, 19:51
That axts matches extremely well with the santan upper. Very nice!!!!