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11 October 2008, 14:11
Sometime ago I was told that the Noveske KX3 should not be run a a longer than 11.5" barrel. I am running a 14.5" so I switched to a Smith Vortex. I finally got around to calling Noveske about this and the person I spoke with there said it would not be a problem with the KX3 on a 14.5/16" barrel so I put it back on. I shot a tactical match today and someone there told me it would damage the weapon on a longer than 11.5" barrels. Now I am totally confused---I ran it for the match and it really doesn't feel any different than the Smith. Anyone have insight on this?? What would I damage??


Kattman from Michigan

11 October 2008, 14:27
I haven't heard that it would damage a barrel. They are used on a lot of 13.5" guns as a permanent attachment.
The general trend on advising the use of one is that they are really intended to mitigate the blast of the short barrel, like the Krink it is patterned off of. Using them on a longer barrel adds more length than a standard FH, and quite a bit of weight. Those are the only two reasons why I've heard that they shouldn't be used on the longer barrels.
Never heard of using the KX3 resulting in damage.

11 October 2008, 19:29
What m24shooter said.
Btw, Kattman, did you ask those people how the KX3 damages the "longer" barrel. I'm interested to know if that's fact or just legend.

13 October 2008, 14:03
Guys---I didn't get what they were trying to tell me either. Something about building up to high of back pressure and damaging the weapon. I assumed that they were refering to the action/buffer/tube???, but am not really sure. I have to admit---that I am running the 14.5" M4 profile with the Noveske KX3, on a VLTOR MUR upper, a Daniel Defense 12" Lite with a DD clamp gas block under the rail with an Aimpoint M4s---and its only for the cool!!!!! I just didn't want to damage anything. Thanks for the replies.

Kattman from Michigan

13 October 2008, 14:59
You will be fine. I don't think they know anything about the system or the KX3.
If what they were saying was true, there would be no suppressors on rifles.
The amount of "back pressure" from the KX3 (if any) is nothing compared to putting a can on an M4. If anything, it would probably be even less on the longer barrels as the shorter barrels tend to have much higher pressure issues.

13 October 2008, 17:06
Thanks. Thats what I needed to hear.


13 October 2008, 18:51
No prob. Just have the guy write an "L" on his forehead.