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26 August 2007, 17:56
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Weapon System: AR15/ M16

Manufacturer: Daniel Defense (http://www.danieldefense.com/)

Item Installed: Daniel Defense OMEGA Rail

Purpose of Item: A free floating rail allows for multiple attachment points of equipment, to include optics, vertical foregrips, lights, lasers, and other items. A FF rail also allows for better accuracy by the barrel not being touched by the forearm. For many users, it is more a matter of a stable handguard/ rail that will not rattle or wiggle under hard use than it is absolute accuracy. There are several different styles of Free Float rails. This is a two piece rail which requires no modification to the weapon aside from removal of the handguards.

It may be of interest to the reader that Daniel Defense was recently awarded the SOCOM SOPMOD RIS II rail contract. Weaponevolution.com has a separate review for the Daniel Defense Omega Rail, which gives additional information, and can be found at the following link.


Tools Needed:
Flat head/ Slotted Screwdriver

Items Included:
Rail (upper and lower piece)
Allen head screws prethreaded into the rail
Rail covers
Slotted flat head screws with nylon beveled washer
Thread locking compound

The Daniel Defense Omega Rail is a Free Floating Rail designed to be installed and used on a standard AR15/ M4 carbine. This guide does not act as a substitute for real world knowledge, and is not designed to turn the reader into a professional ďgun plumberĒ. However, it is my belief that the overall installation process is simple enough for anyone who is familiar with the AR15, and who can replace their standard handguards. This is based on my own method of installation, and all liability is with the end user. If you stab yourself, shoot yourself, or find some other manner of getting yourself hurt, you are responsible for your own actions. If you have doubts, get help.

26 August 2007, 18:06
With the above out of the way, letís make sure that we are starting with an empty weapon. Once that is done, remove the upper receiver, pull out the charging handle and bolt carrier group (verify the chamber is empty a second time), and lastly, pull off the handguards. While the handguards are the only thing that actually needs to be pulled off the weapon, by pulling the BCG you are ensuring that no accidents can occur.

You should now be looking at something similar to the below picture.


Take your box with the DD Omega rail. You should find a two rails, with the larger upper rail having 4 allenhead screws already inserted. In addition, you should have 4 slotted flathead screws with nylon washers, an allen wrench and rail covers. If it helps, line everything up as shown in the picture.


26 August 2007, 18:19
Take the upper rail and look underneath where the 1913 rail extends out to meet the upper receiver. On the bottom, you will see a channel cut out. This cutout fits into the Delta ring assembly. Pull back on the Delta ring, and drop the channel onto the teeth of the barrel nut, then release the Delta ring. The pressure from the Delta ring will hold it in place while we continue to install the remaining pieces.


After installing the top rail, you should recognize the below picture, or be looking pretty close to it.


26 August 2007, 18:26
Now we move onto dropping in the lower rail. It goes in the same way as the upper rail. Pull back on the Delta ring, and push the groove over the barrel nut teeth. Once its in place, release pressure from the Delta ring, and both pieces of the rail will stay in position.


With both rails in place, you are no doubt noticing that there are two holes on each side that have a threaded helicoil inserted in them. The four slotted screws will go into those locations. The screws come with a nylon beveled washer, and you should leave that in place when you thread the screws into place.


26 August 2007, 18:33
The last part is already upon us. Using the Allen wrench, we need to tighten down the Allen head screws. I tighten these in the same manner I tighten down lug nuts on a car. Start with one and tighten it down a little, then go to the opposite side and tighten that one a bit as well. Going around to each of them and get them snug before you give a final tighten.


26 August 2007, 18:40
Congratulations! You should now be ready to reassemble your upper receiver with your Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle. Optics, lights, lasers, and vertical foregrips are all ready for mounting.

The below pictures donít show the rail covers that come with all Daniel Defense rails, but they are worth putting on to protect your investment. Please remember that its worth verifying the zero of your weapon. While I don't think anyone will run into any issues or shifts with their zero, if you are using this for duty there is no excuse not to. I donít mean to be insulting by bringing that up, but some people tend to forget.

Here are a few pictures of the weapon we just dropped our DD Omega rail on.