View Full Version : Integrally Suppressed 10/22

29 October 2014, 18:41
My buddy has a Thompson Machine Operative C http://www.thompsonmachine.net/?page_id=14 on a a PWS T3 receiver and it is hands down one of the funnest rifles I've ever shot. I'm planning on either buying a complete Operative C or building one .The integrally suppressed barrel is $600 the complete is $999 + tax stamp. So far this is what I worked out and would like thoughts & opinions on each build I've decided vs complete .Each Brand is all their components + Thompson barrel & stock+ tax stamp.
http://www.coolguyguns.com/ Kidd $1395
http://www.tacticalsol.com/ Tacsol $1610
https://www.volquartsen.com/tags/4-action-trigger-components Volquartsen $1685
Stock Ruger sent to Thompson $1231
Complete Thompson $1199