View Full Version : Century C93 pistol, the Sig SB-15, and the ATF....

30 October 2014, 22:55
I've got a question regarding the Sig SB-15 brace I'm hoping to get some opinions on.

I have a friend with a Century Arms C93 pistol. He was wondering whether or not you can put an AR pistol buffer tube and Sig Tac SB-15 on it. He had read a discussion on another forum (don't know which one) where there was a difference of opinion because the C93 didn't use an AR buffer tube to begin with. Some people were saying that by adding the buffer tube to the C93, you would be violating NFA laws.

My first response to him was to write the ATF and ask, but I would still like to hear peoples thoughts. Are you allowed to add a part to be able to use the SB-15?

Thanks for any thoughts.

30 October 2014, 23:00
The way I see it, the brace comes with the ATF letter explaining why it is legal. Regardless of whether or not you put a buffer tube on a weapon not originally equipped with one, it's still not a stock. I don't see why there would be a problem with it, but someone more educated in the law field will be along and could probably give better advice than me. IANAL.

30 October 2014, 23:54
Depends if it's in a free state or not[BD]
Another option is the Century SB47 which is meant for an Ak

31 October 2014, 00:13
I would say totally legal. The Sig 556 pistol requires no buffer tube and it's legal on that weapon. Legal in Maryland at that.

1 November 2014, 09:09
Thanks for the opinions. I also don't see it as an issue, but the ATF tends to make some really odd decisions.

Anyone know when/if Century will be coming out with their brace for HK pistols? MAC showed a prototype in his video of the POF MP5 clone.

6 November 2014, 02:58
They are now selling AKs and Sig 556 SWATS with SIG braces and neither of them use a Buffer tube for function and the SIG brace was first made for the SIG 556 SWAT so there should be no problem putting it on a C93.