View Full Version : Forward Charging handle vs Rear charging

1 November 2014, 13:55
Here is a cool challenge, a new innovations versus the old standard system. Every AR ever built comes with the standard rear charging handle. We all know the basic "Rack Tap" drill. Well, here is a new way of doing things. Old dog learns a new trick. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwlIi6-VBPA&spfreload=10

Would like to know what you think? Or how many of you have ever heard of this rifle and the forward charging handle concept?

1 November 2014, 13:58
Are you associated with this company?

1 November 2014, 15:06
I don't see any real advantage in this. 2 seconds were shaved off firing 30 rounds with 5 dead rounds so, re-charging to eject the dead ones. With a full mag of live rounds the firing rate isn't going to change.

You need the specific handguard plus the extra parts. The rear charging handle is also there on the rifle so it's just added cost to the rifle to have the forward one as well. There simply isn't enough advantage to justify that extra cost.

4 November 2014, 21:04
Reading the web site, it's a piston upper. http://adcordefense.com/product/adcor-a-556-elite-gas-piston-upper-16-optics-ready/ For $249 you can get a Gibbz side charger and it's still DI with a milspec BCG except for the cam pin provided. That gets you away from the rear charging handle, and you don't need a proprietary barrel, gas block, free float, etc. It would be a simple upgrade from a $130 upper.

Even that is hard to justify with $59 blem GI A3 uppers on the market. Is a side charger that much benefit, maybe in timed competitive events. Has it been a major issue with Congress beating up the Armed Forces, not so much. We've been using the rear charging handle pretty much as is for over 45 years and we've yet to adopt any of the aftermarket designs.

One specific complaint I have with all the hype about uber charging handles is the need to dump bad rounds out of the chamber. Doesn't happen with military ammo - and if it starts being a problem, they sell it off surplus so our soldiers aren't depending on it in combat. Goes to if the competition is that important, what ammo is being used that has a 20% failure rate? Bundle that junk off to the gun show and price it accordingly, or shoot in for the practice, but don't even take it to a match.

Unless you're trying to sneak it into your competitors supply . . .