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10 December 2014, 20:24
I'm looking for some stainless accessories to complete a rifle build with stainless barrel.

Items I've been on the search for include a stainless flash hider/brake, takedown pins, bolt assist.

I've seen a few SS fh/brakes, mainly looking at the Epsilon BBSS from VG6. I'd like to look at some other options that maybe I havent run by yet. Not looking for anything BIG, more something similar to size of an a2 birdcage in outside diameter. Any links or tips would be appreciated.

I've seen the Ti takedown pins, but looking to see if anything less expensive in SS, same with the forward assist.

Thanks in advance!

10 December 2014, 20:42
Battlecomp makes a SS version.

10 December 2014, 21:06
Stainless doesn't have to be silver :)

But if that's what you're after... by all means... I am fresh off a long time hunt for stuff so my best advice is to ask a lot of people and make a list of manufacturers that you like or that are good and hunt.

Everyone needs function but there is nothing wrong with making 'function' look pretty awesome in the process.

10 December 2014, 21:10
and silver doesnt have to be stainless. haha, but stainless is more affordable than titanium!!! I'm just not keen on the idea of a stainless barrel and everything else black as night. Just looking for a few doo-dads to spice it up and tie it all together.

10 December 2014, 21:24
Black on silver/stainless can look pretty good.


10 December 2014, 22:28
Epsilon, rainier RAC, or battlecomp would be my choices for a stainless muzzle devices.

10 December 2014, 22:49
Seekins Precision also does some great stainless...

11 December 2014, 02:03
You could just the parts you want in black and take them to your local Cerakoter and have them media blasted. That would give them that stainless satin look.

11 December 2014, 05:43
You could always go with Nickel Boron coated parts, they match the Stainless pretty well.

http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af282/richdkim77/1476361_587643637974427_924909933_n_zpsfd81ccbf.jp g (http://s1016.photobucket.com/user/richdkim77/media/1476361_587643637974427_924909933_n_zpsfd81ccbf.jp g.html)

11 December 2014, 05:50
Or just get your stuff cerakoted stainless. I have a Odin Works Stainless barrel and had a ton of options for stainless muzzle devices all have been mentioned already. You can pick up items get them cerakoted to match, or pick up NiB accessories, or get some titanium accessories. Lots of options so what specifically are you looking for?

11 December 2014, 20:33
hadnt considered the NiB being so close to stainless. Thanks for that info.

Anyone have any cerakote finishes by example that are close to a match with stainless? Back at the receiver wont be such a big deal to be a real close match, but at the muzzle device, the finish will be more important to match.

It might just be easier to get the barrel and receivers coated one color

11 December 2014, 20:33
btw, I really appreciate everyones input. Some great ideas

11 December 2014, 22:28
This wasn't intended to be a close match, but it is pretty close. The receivers and handguard were Cerakoted in a dark tungsten. I don't remember the exact mix, but it was around 20-30% armor black. It's a bit darker than the Rainier SS barrel, so I would think straight tungsten might be really close.