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15 January 2015, 18:52
I recently went to a gun show and there is a local vendor that sells brass of all types. The brass looked very good... all of it was once fired and he had bags and bags of brass that was essentially professionally cut down, cleaned and polished.

He was asking a flat $50 for a bag of several hundred blackout cases that all looked very nice. If I am not mistaken it was a flat $50 for 250 cases, but the guy was negotiable on price to some degree. I am sure if I bought two or three bags he would give me a discount. If I look around I am sure I could find more for cheaper.

The only thing that has been kind of scaring me off of building a .300 BO upper (and potentially getting a suppressor for it) is the extremely high cost of shooting it. It's pretty much about twice the cost (if not more) to shoot .300 BO than it is to shoot .223/5.56

If I do decide to make the leap ammo cost is a big factor... but here is my main goal... to make a crap load of subsonics. I am a firm believer that if you own it you should have ammo for it. I haven't shopped for the materials to reload but if I can say keep 1000 rounds on hand that would be good. Two thousand rounds would be better.

I haven't priced everything out but I have heard that with subs you need to shoot a much heavier grain bullet to make the gun cycle. That said I don't know if I will be saving money reloading or not...

Does anyone have any current info, input, or comments for this scenario?

15 January 2015, 19:22
It wasn't a bad price at all IMO. I usually just get 1x LC brass and convert myself. You can usually get that pretty cheap or free depending on who you know. I load out 190gr subs for my 300 and I'm in it for about $.50 a round ale or give depending on when I buy my components and deals found. I use the 190gr Nosler CC bullets and have can be had for $18 a box for "blems'' from shooters pro shop. I always try to keep at least 1K of everything or at least the components to make them.

15 January 2015, 20:51
biggest hassle these days is the powder - it can be found, you just have to jump on getting it asap before it's gone when you see it. And I'm in the same boat as medic... 190g subs are working really well, and much cheaper than buying loaded ammo. I started using 208Amax but they are a lot more spendy, and kept the price higher. I'm glad I found SPS as well... has brought my cost down into the realm of 'I can go sub plinking'. I started reloading this last spring specifically for the 300blk but now I'm venturing out into other calibers... subsonics of course. 300blktalk.com has some really good info on reloading, as well as brass deals in the classified. I make my own, which is super easy to do and cuts down on the cost , you just have to take the time to do it (which doesn't take much)

I'd say go for it... my 300BLK SBR with a Specwar762 is my fav gun to shoot. Something about being stupid quiet and little recoil makes it a total joy to shoot. Always gets people to come talk to me when I'm at the range too.

16 January 2015, 19:49
I will confirm that all of the popular powders for .300 Blackout are extremely hard to find if you're a broke ass like me and can't afford to pay exorbitant shipping and hazmat fees to buy it online.

19 January 2015, 12:07
I dont shoot any subs but i can find 147/15gr super sonics for around $.50 per round.