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29 November 2008, 19:04
was curious if anyone had any experience and/or feedback on jp rifles. i have been looking at purchasing the jp-15 vtac for a patrol rifle at work (l.e.o.)

thanks in advance

29 November 2008, 20:22
No experience with them at all, nor has anyone that I know of in LE. I've heard good things about them in 3 gun, but thats not the same as duty use.

What about the JP was it that made you attracted to them?

30 November 2008, 10:22
i have been surfing the web trying to gather some information on different rifles and came across the jp15 vtac. from what i have read online, mostly on their website and on viking tactics, it seems to be a solid rifle. i just haven't seen alot of information about them on the different forums i have been lurking on.

this will be my first ar purchase and since i will be using it as a patrol rifle for work i was wanting something that will be reliable. i also look at the purchase as being an investment and dont mind spending the extra money.

another quick question.. what exactly makes a rifle geared towards being a duty weapon or a competition rifle? from what i have read the jp15 vtac has all the specs that an lmt or colt might have.


14 December 2008, 10:54
JP Enterprise worked with Viking Tactical in developing a comp rifle for 3 gun stuff. Some of the this crossed over into the tactical side.-handguard, red dot mounts, etc. I handled a JP tactical AR, very nice, they are well made.
My instructor from Viking Tactical had an AR built up with JP products.
Competition parts -you'll know the difference, think trigger parts and BCG stuff.

My partner at work uses a JP/Viking Tactical hand guard. I use some their products on my personal AR. Speed/ease of use and absolute reliability is the goal. For a patrol rifle, check with the boss, which brands are acceptable, Colt, LMT, Noveske or JP. If they allow personal purchase, make sure everything is lawyer proof-no after market light trigger or fancy gadgets.
Good luck