View Full Version : Noveske Lower-Rumor Control Please

Ken V.
30 November 2008, 16:41
I have been trying to pick up a Noveske lower for a Noveske upper I have on order and well you all know how many are out there and what they cost. Anyway, it is getting really agravating watching the "haves" gouge the "have nots". I am not ready for a good screwing to the tune of $900 for a Noveske lower as it has been a little over a month since I spent $185 for one.

To fuel the fire I have heard rumors that Noveske may not be offering lowers at all anymore and/or they may only be offering complete lowers-this is probably spread by those trying to drive prices. Beyond this, is there any word if/and when Noveske lowers may available in the future? I would have bought the whole rifle if I had the chance when I ordered...damn.

30 November 2008, 17:09
You aren't going to see any fresh supplies of Noveske lowers for awhile, and I wouldn't be stunned to see Noveske Rifleworks selling only complete weapons, or only complete lowers for a bit once they start to get more lowers in.

Stripped lowers are usually only sold when a company has a heavy supply of them. When stockpiles get low, it makes much more sense to sell the complete weapon system.

John Hwang
2 December 2008, 16:24
Right now, parts are becoming more and more difficult to find. I'd be shocked to see a stripped Noveske lower before next MAR / APRIL

Army Chief
3 January 2009, 10:10
I had a standing order in with Noveske for 2-3 lowers when available, and though Sheri's last comment to me was simply to "ask me again in 4-5 weeks," I think the truth is that it is really impossible to make any accurate projections right now. Between production limitations and Noveske's own backlog, I wouldn't expect to see any Noveske lowers for at least 90 days -- and that too is highly optimistic thinking.

I suppose that dovetails nicely with John's estimate (above), though it wouldn't surprise me at all if we saw nothing until summer, followed by an eventual policy change in Grant's Pass that renders the entire question obsolete. Assuming we're on final approach toward another piece of AWB legislation, I'm not sure things will ever get back to where they were before, though i hope to be proven wrong. I'm just thinking that if we had this kind of advance notice when FOPA hit in 1986, there would have been a steady stream of machinegun conversions going on right up until the passage of the bill.


3 January 2009, 10:39
I think LMT has a solid approach by selling complete lowers only. I know there are dealers and individuals that think a switch like this by NR would be horrid, but there aren't any complaints about LMT doing it.

Army Chief
3 January 2009, 11:02
Concur. I hadn't really considered LMT's business model in this context, but would agree that it makes a great deal of sense. My Noveske lowers were just intended to be placeholders, anyway, until I could bankroll sending them back to John for completion. If they just happened to re-enter his books for SBR purposes, so much the better. No sense engraving them if you don't have to. :)