View Full Version : New UPH-15A

10 February 2015, 17:25
Fresh from the FFL. So clean, oh what I'm going to do with you!

http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b623/gaswamper1/Mobile%20Uploads/3c83efd6-87d3-4b1d-a403-124b5888e33d_zpslvh8phvf.jpg (http://s1295.photobucket.com/user/gaswamper1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/3c83efd6-87d3-4b1d-a403-124b5888e33d_zpslvh8phvf.jpg.html)

10 February 2015, 17:28
The CMT Cigar is a nice touch.

10 February 2015, 17:32
The cigar is very cool. That's gonna be a killer rifle.

10 February 2015, 17:42
I thought so too. The match to the UPUR is perfection!

http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b623/gaswamper1/Mobile%20Uploads/324d4e65-7599-4286-8004-5fd5d9cc9a9b_zpsyphpa1dj.jpg (http://s1295.photobucket.com/user/gaswamper1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/324d4e65-7599-4286-8004-5fd5d9cc9a9b_zpsyphpa1dj.jpg.html)

10 February 2015, 17:45
What plans do you have for the barrel, furniture, stock?

10 February 2015, 17:49
Beautiful set Swamper! ^^ curious as well?

10 February 2015, 17:59
i like the cigar lol

10 February 2015, 18:06
Not solid yet but I think this is going to be the base of a 7mm wildcat I'm planning on doing. Got an idea to make this a hunting rig with the heart of a three gun. The 7mm Valkerie packs some serious firepower, 130gr .284 bullets at 2800 out of a 20'' bbl is getting it! So far I'm thinking this set, lowmass carrier, adjustable gas, Lantac Dragon, UBR stock, and if houlding ever gets one back in stock their 15'' octagon carbon m-lock rail. I almost thought about putting my 10.5'' WLV on this but have been holding out to do that with a Noveske. This lower even looks great with my Wilson Combat upper btw which usually doesn't match many lowers well.

10 February 2015, 18:22
Slick side upper... I am loving it.

CMT is awesome.