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Cold Zero
7 December 2008, 09:12
How about having a For Sale forum? It's an idea. Most web sites / chat rooms have them. Thanks for a great site. Looking for a place to get rid of these damn PMAGS.[crazy]

9 December 2008, 09:24
I believe a " for sale " forum would good. I also think it would increase the amount of members and traffic to this really great site.[:D]

Cold Zero
27 December 2008, 11:10
I believe a " for sale " forum would good. I also think it would increase the amount of members and traffic to this really great site.[:D]

I think the above is a good point. A For Sale forum would be beneficial to everyone concerned.[wow]

27 December 2008, 12:48
I like it the way it is, actually.[:)]

27 December 2008, 17:11
Sales forums put more pressure on the mods and admins, especially if/when disputes arise.[bash] They are kinda cool though.

Army Chief
2 January 2009, 01:30
Considering the crossover between WEVO and M4CN, for instance, I'm not sure that a For Sale section here wouldn't just result in more confusion across the board, as people would almost certainly make multiple listings. I understand that is inevitable to some degree, but I always hate it when someone puts up a "for sale" post, and the first respondent is still told "no dice" because someone beat him to the item (unbeknownst to him or anyone else) from a duplicate sales post that went up elsewhere 20 minutes beforehand.

Beyond the practical difficulties, I guess the real issue here is what sort of resource the Admins envision running over the long haul. To date, I believe WEVO has emerged as a welcome high-grade reference repository with some collateral discussion capacity. If the intent is to generate more general discussion, then sure, a "For Sale" area would be in line with those objectives. If, on the other hand, the idea here is to keep the post count somewhat lower, but the quality of information extremely high, then perhaps we're already at the desired "balance point."

I'm just thinking back to other discussion boards that I've had involvement with as a developer and/or staffer, and it has been my experience that things like "For Sale" boards and "Off Topic" discussion areas often take a site in a very different direction than that which was intended; doubly so when the level of moderation is low, and the tolerance level for banality is high. That isn't the case here, of course, but we've all belonged to forums that attract new members who know nothing about the subject matter at hand, and who frequent the boards simply for social interaction. There isn't anything wrong with social interaction, but I much prefer it to take place among a group of more like-minded professionals who are more or less focused upon, uh, Weapon Evolution, for example.

WEVO is different -- very different -- and I happen to appreciate that a great deal. Would a "For Sale" board alter the fundamental character of the site? Perhaps not, but what would we really stand to gain? I have a feeling that if Stick is going to sell any of his toys, he's got a number of other places to do that, including M4CN. Not bashing the original idea at all; just considering how it might play into the Admin's long-term objectives for this resource. Sometimes less is more, and while the post count here is modest, I can't think of a finer destination when facts, rather than a myriad of semi-qualified opinions, are desired. If that places me in the no man's land of being "OK" with whatever the management wants to do on this issue, then I guess I'm comfortable there. Just offering a bit of "been there, done that" for consideration.