View Full Version : Spartan Tactical Patrol Rifle (March 09)

10 December 2008, 19:09
Planning to go to Jim Smith's class when he is in San Diego in March of 09'. Has anyone else here been to one of his classes?

I recon if he was good enough to be Delta Force and single handedly fight of the "skinnies" when his helicopter went down (Black Hawk Down) until help could get there, then I could definitely learn a few things from him.


28 December 2008, 16:36
Mr. Smith has a good reputation as a trainer. Spartan Tactical has a class coming up in my area in 2009 as well. I might just have to try and make it.

29 December 2008, 23:23
Jim Smith is very worth training with, and is a good guy. I missed my last chance to train with him, and still kick myself.