View Full Version : How about a "Training and Tactics" forum

10 December 2008, 19:12
A forum of this type could host:

Training Course anouncements,

Favorite Drills,

Tactical discusions,

-Just a thought

10 December 2008, 19:19
Thats not a bad idea, I think we could do that and stay on target (no pun intended) with the goal of the site.

Let me kick it around with the Staff and see what they think. I would also like to get an idea of whether people would find this useful.

11 December 2008, 07:32
JMO, but I think this could be very usefull, if done in a professional way.

Army Chief
27 January 2009, 02:50
I thought that this idea had considerable merit -- did it perhaps die on the vine at some point, given the predominant weapons development focus?


8 July 2009, 12:30
Considering there are 2 well known pistol/carbine schools up there-NW where known instructors such as Jeff Gonzales and Massad Ayoob teach, I am surprised we haven't linked up or have a joint WEVO/school day.

8 July 2009, 14:53
A training and tactics section sounds like a great idea. The School Announcements section could be stickied at the top so as to not get lost in the noise.

21 July 2009, 12:19
or a place to post courses.

I have MPD coming down to South Louisiana 3 times in the next 9 months. 1 of which is a LEO only course... I dont know if there are any southeastern LEO on this board, but I would like to share the info with them.

24 September 2009, 12:21
This is a great Idea + 1

Signal 23
30 September 2009, 14:39
It would fit my needs...........

It sounds like the next step in the info chain.

1. product review
2. build info/review
3. use and review

I like it.

30 September 2009, 21:54
If done it should involve a lot of pictures and ideally video links. Discussion of tactics and training can only go so far with just the written word.

15 November 2009, 14:56
Being new here, I was just looking for something like that on this site when I ran across this thread. To often I think the emphasis is on gear rather than just how to use it. This is mirrored over in Dodge forum where I can find a thousand threads on "What's the biggest tire I can fit?" or "Who makes the best lift kit?" but very few threads detailing driving techniques in the mud or snow, ect... I recently found this site http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?, which primarily focuses on handguns, but it has really helped me with my grip, which I'm still working on. I don't have a profession that exposes me to firearms and good instructors, so my primary training work is by myself on the range, kind of learn as you go. I also do not have the ends to fly out and attend a carbine course.

I am prior military but I was a navy firefighter, my watch station in port was duty firemarshal and at-sea fire party (Flying Squad) so when ever the even offered qualifying shoots armed watch standers took priority.

3 December 2009, 10:34
I really like this idea. Just my 2 cents.

3 December 2009, 11:20
me too. as an instructor, would be nice to list courses and aars also

3 December 2009, 12:07
Sounds like a good idea, just have a few stickies of AARs and Upcoming courses in it and a clear outline of what should and shouldn't be in it.

4 December 2009, 14:29
I think this is a great idea! Being a member of law enforcement and coming from an agency that is led by an admin that is more concerned about budget cuts than it is about providing adequate training to its troops, I would love to have another resource available for local schools. Count me in...