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8 September 2007, 18:19
I have a suggestion-

How about a member personal photo gallery under your profile, I have seen it on other sites. So instead of the huge pic threads that will come, someone can click on a persons name and see their gallery. You can put some of your most coveted firearms, your car, etc anything you want to share. Maybe put a 10 pic limit so as to not overload the space........

8 September 2007, 18:45
Impossible to monitor. People would abuse the system with innappropriate material on a regular basis.

8 September 2007, 19:19

I know what you mean, but I agree with JTrusty that it could become a spam issue, and would difficult to monitor.

8 September 2007, 19:50
I see your concerns, but we have rules about posting "racy" items on our other firearm forums we all frequent and would be banned given we break the rules. The gallery would be no different.

Here is an example from another forum I frequent, the user is not me nor do I know who it is. Im just using his as an example as he had pics.

goto link, and then to see his pics, click on the picture he has in the upper left and it will bring you into his albulm to give you an idea.....


8 September 2007, 20:01
I don't know how to make this any clearer. It is impossible to monitor.

If we offer a free for all style gallery system on a per user basis, who is going to click through each members galleries on a regular basis to ensure the material is appropriate?

Let's assume for a minute that instead of a free for all style, we offer personal galleries that allow users to submit images to their personal gallery, however, they first must be approved. In this case, the image gets uploaded, and it placed into a que awaiting moderation. Again, who is going monitor the system? Someone has to be there to approve each and every image submitted.

Now, assuming further that we do allow a que based / pre-approval type system that someone will monitor. What is to stop an individual from overwriting their original file with an inappropriate image of the same name, thus bypassing our system of approval?

Its not that personal galleries are a bad idea, I actually like the idea. However, its simply not feasible in this environment. Once this board goes live, the number of new members is going to skyrocket very quickly. The gallery system works fantastic in smaller environments but not in larger ones. Unless of course you have a large staff of paid individuals to manage such a system.

8 September 2007, 20:14
Good point, too hard to manage. The site the link was too lets anything fly so thats why it works for them. They have no standards. -Adam