View Full Version : 6.8 Scout Carbine w/ WEVO T&E M4E1 upper and handguard

31 May 2015, 17:47
I completed my new 6.8 upper receiver build last week and put my first rounds through it this morning. I'm very pleased with the results. An Aero Precision M4E1 upper receiver and Aero Precision 12" enhanced M-LOK handguard, both provided as WEVO T&E items, formed the base of the build, while an AR Performance 16" Scout profile barrel provides the true centerpiece.

A detailed T&E write up on the Aero Precision upper/handguard combo is in work (will post separately once complete) and I'll post more details of the full build in this thread when I have more time, but I wanted to share a few pics and the results from my first outing.


My first rounds where on paper at 25 yards so it didn't take too long to zero the scope. After I had a decent zero, I printed this 10 round group at 100 yards using 110gr Sellier & Bellot FMJ


That's about a 1.25" group which makes me very happy for a 10 shot group. That was off sandbags from a bench. The optic is Swaro Z3 3-10x42. Trigger is a Geissele Super Tricon 2-stage.

I only put about 30 rounds through it today, but was very pleased. No malfunctions and a joy to shoot, albeit with a bit more recoil than I'm used to out of an AR.

More to come...

31 May 2015, 18:00
Well done Sir! Very well balanced looking rifle. ARP puts out a great product for the price and have yet to see a barrel from him that is not accurate. You're groups already look good with the cheap stuff, if you can roll your own pet load that barrel is gonna shine.

31 May 2015, 18:09
That's some good shooting with mediocre ammo!

31 May 2015, 18:29
That's some good shooting with mediocre ammo!

The S&B ammo was some of the best ammo I had for my 6.8 when I had mine. Especially for the what it cost. It can be found for around $12.99 a box if you play your cards right and get it at the right time!

But agree great shooting Boiler! I have the 12" Keymod M4E1 on my 16" ARP barrel WLV. Good stuff all around!

31 May 2015, 18:48
That barrel will easily be under 1" with good ammo.