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7 June 2015, 15:58
I just finished up this build today. Got to walk my Father in Law and a neighbor through the full assembly, which they appreciated seeing from start to finish. This was also my first experience with Duracoat. The color is Midnight Bronze, and I'm fairly happy with the color.

Upper Specs:
Anderson Sport Upper
Aero 11.5" Nitride Barrel
Head Down Provectus Rail 13"
AIM Surplus Nitride Gas Block
Spikes Tactical Nitride Gas Tube
Radical Firearm Spitfire Brake
AIM Surplus Nitride BCG
BCM Mod 4 Charging Handle
Daniel Defense Irons

Lower Specs:
Anderson Integrated Trigger Guard Lower
PSA Lower Build Kit
Seekins Ambi Selector
Seekins Mag Release
Seekins Bolt Catch
Magpul K Grip
Geissele GRF Trigger



7 June 2015, 16:46
Looks nice shoot it yet

7 June 2015, 16:58
Not yet. Looking forward to it. I know it's nothing high end, but it feels so good in the hand.

7 June 2015, 17:06
Very cool hope u enjoy it

7 June 2015, 20:57
Sweet boomstick!

8 June 2015, 05:44
BOOMSHAKALAKA! Pistols are so fun to shoot. Like that buffer tube.