View Full Version : Noveske Barrel/Supressor Configuration Details Wanted

Army Chief
28 January 2009, 00:13

Saw this elsewhere, and was wondering if you could fill in a few details with respect to the barrel length and SPR supressor configuration.


Aside from the obvious (VLTOR VIS, Noveske SS barrel), are we effectively looking at an Afghan in 12.5", 14.5" or something else entirely? The VIS, coupled with the AAC SPR sleeved-FS makes it a bit difficult to tell. Further, does this flush-mount the can to the gas block for maximum compactness, or is there some other reason why this particular combination was chosen? Insights, please.


28 January 2009, 11:37
I'm taking some more pictures, and getting ready to write something up about this weapon. I'll post it here in a little bit.

28 January 2009, 15:54
We are all waiting in anticipation.. Well I am at least. [:)]

28 January 2009, 18:13
I think Army Chief hit upon something that is a great idea, and its one that people have brought up before. Its nice to know what parts were used on a build, and WHY the person decided to use those individual parts.

With that in mine, I started a new thread with the answer to ACs question. The idea behind the thread is that if everyone gives their input on their own weapon, and why they did what they did, it should prove to be good reading.

Let me know if you guys like the idea. It doesn't have to be a thread filled with pictures, its just that I like taking pictures, so thats the way I did my weapon description. What is important is that people can take away ideas and maybe even learn a little.


Army Chief
28 January 2009, 23:24
The other post is a "must-see," gentlemen. It's yet another grand slam in Stick's home ballpark.