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Jerry R
20 August 2015, 11:04
Before you reply, look at the set of questions and try to answer them all. The questions relate to AR based platforms, and you can include pistol calibers if you wish. Doesn't matter if you have one, or a dozen AR's. I'm curious as to your thoughts on this. I won't start the replies, but will add mine later.

First question:

What would you build that you don't already have?


Why would you build it?


What are the advantages of the new build over what you already have?


What are the down-sides / disadvantages of that particular build, or of adding it to your "collection"?

TIA for sharing.

20 August 2015, 11:17
1) 300 Blackout SBR'd and suppressed with a low power variable.
2) Looking at moving from AZ to Alabama for work. This rifle would be a hog and deer rifle.
3) Advantages: in my unqualified opinion, it is my belief that .300 BLK will kill these types of critters better than 5.56/.223. The overall length I would try to aim for would be shorter than my unsuppressed rifle I have now, and much quieter. This would give me more maneuverability in thick woods, less weight to carry around, and I wouldn't need to worry about hearing protection for myself or hunting buddies.
4) Disadvantages: Adding another caliber to the mix. I would be pretty interested in reloading for this cartridge, so I would need the dies and stuff for this. OTOH, I would primarily be hunting with this rifle, not taking 1k round-a-day classes with it, so I guess cost of ammo wouldn't be too bad.

20 August 2015, 12:34
Currently working on a 300BLK build with the Radical Firearms barrel I picked up a while ago and the WEVO Lower. I plan to use it for suppressed hunting/plinking. I currently have several 5.56 rifles, the advantages of 300BLK suppressed over 5.56 are suited to my purpose. I see no down-side to build a 300. I would also like to build a Maten or M5 in 6.5 Creedmore after I finish the 300. I have been wanting another semi auto precision rifle ever since selling my M1A, the newer 6.5 builds I have seen are squeezing .25 MOA on an AR platform, and with the 6.5 you can really get out and touch things.

20 August 2015, 17:30
I have a long list of stuff but I will narrow it down.

A 5.56 SBR, a .300 BO SBR, and a .308 build.

The first two on that list both would be somewhat unique although both are overlapping (each other) to some degree. An SBR is, well an SBR. It would open up other aspects of shooting. Both would probably be outfitted with 1x dots or something along those lines, although that is still TBD. The 300 would be built because of it's ability to be extremely quiet. The .308 would be a precision build designed for a lot longer range engagements.

The downsides to the .308 would be cost of shooting the thing. The .300 BO would also be cost combined with finding a standard supply of reloading stuff. The only thing that might be a downside for the 5.56 is I would basically be just chopping 4 or 5 inches off of what I have now and not knowing if it truly would offer something dynamically different. The optics choices would obviously be different and still up for review but other than that, if I had two rifles made exactly the same but one with a short barrel, really what is the benefit of the rifle itself? For the 5.56 it would chop off a couple hundred yards from the long end range of the round, but it would supposedly give a benefit for up close work.

Don't get me wrong, I want them all, but I don't have enough experience with an SBR to know all of the benefits of going that route.

The benefits of these three are that the SBRs in theory allow a lot more flexibility for running and gunning. (honestly this question is one that I keep on asking myself before I commit to building one or both SBRs) The 300 for the quiet, and the 308 would again be for a lot longer ranges. Also typically I like fatter calibers but I am really digging the .223.

20 August 2015, 17:40
Funny you mention this as i'm considering changing a few things out but then again why not just build another pistol lol so...

1) 8.2" 277 Wolverine
2) To possibly change out/remove myself from my 300blk all together to help consolidate calibers
3) I prefer the 277 over the 300(another day another thread) and if i just change the barrel out I can still keep everything as it as and will actually put the MD a tad closer to the rail which always is more ascetically pleasing to me.
4) All of the above

Also considering
1) 9mm pistol QC10 build.
2) Fun factor
3) See above
4)It is cheaper to shoot as far as ammo goes.. build itself not so much as QC10 parts are a bit pricier than other 9mm carbine options. Refer back to number 2 & 3...

20 August 2015, 19:51
1: .308 AR10
2. For hunting
3. My .303 Lee Enfield is getting up there in age. An AR 10 has more versatility.
4. No downsides that I can think of

21 August 2015, 19:05
I would say I'd build an 11.5" SBR in 556 and an 8-8.5" .300 black out.

The 11.5" would be different from my 10.5" due to increased dwell time and arguably a better ability to handle a suppressor. The 300 black would be used as a suppressed hunting option much like others have stated here.

The only down sides I can see for the 11.5" is added cost for only one extra inch of barrel length. The 300 black outs downside would be adding another caliber to the mix.

21 August 2015, 19:52
1 .338 Federal AR on a Mega Maten platform

2 Because I just picked up a Noveske .338 20" barrel

3 No advantages or disadvantages. Just a caliber I have been interested in having in a semi auto platform. That and I seem to constantly build weapons.

21 August 2015, 20:21
If I had the money

1 308 SBR
3 easy to use. But very heavy

Jerry R
23 August 2015, 14:13
Interesting inputs so far ... thanks.

What I am considering is a 300 Blackout. I would use the Rainier UltraMatch barrel in either 8.5 or 10.5 inch - same price.

Why - I have committed to purchase a WEVO lower - will probably get a Rainier UltraMatch upper receiver to go with it. I would have it engraved, then have the upper and lower Cerakoted is some non-black color. Then do the Form-1 to SBR it. I mean, if I am purchasing a new lower, I have to do something with it, right?

Advantages over current inventory are pretty slim - basically it's a 30 caliber. I have a 308, but ... I don't have a 300 Blackout, and the new lower is small mag-well. If it was going to be a large mag-well, I would definitely do a 308 SBR. I have an AAC 762-SD in jail.

Downsides / Disadvantages - I have a 10.5 and 16 inch 6.8 SPC - I can go up to 120 grain in factory ammunition with respectable velocity. The 300 would be a whole new set of reloading dies and new ammunition. The 300's are not cheap. So really thinking hard about this.

The other option is just to FORM-1 SBR the lower and use it with the shorty uppers I already have. Then maybe I could start a 308 SBR and not have the overhead of a new caliber. Hmmmm ..............

I appreciate your thoughts on what you would do. I hope more join in the conversation.

23 August 2015, 17:28
Considering you have the lowers on a 4 already, do the upper only..............SBR the 308.

Retirement, ain't it grand?

Jerry R
24 August 2015, 08:23
Retirement, ain't it grand?

LOL - Yup - living the life at the Wrinkle Ranch !!

25 August 2015, 08:12
I'm going to build a slide fire stock lower.

Not practical.

Not something that was missing from my current offerings, but I have it, and will throw a lower together with go with it.

I plan to have some fun with it.

25 August 2015, 08:28
Would be fun to do a beltfed with the slidefire. Run it like a support weapon.

25 August 2015, 15:37
1) Dual suppressed .300 BLK SBR.

2) I don't have one

3) It's cool.

4) it requires a lot of custom parts and three tax stamps. I've already got the SBR stamp approved. The integral suppressor is pending. I'll file for the QD suppressor soon.

25 August 2015, 18:51
Our newest build is a Noveske CHF 12.5" in 5.56

Eventually it will be a dedicated suppressor host

Building the 12.5 because it's a good compromise between velocity and OAL

The downside is another lengthy wait on two stamps