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21 September 2007, 05:58
Good looking site Stickman!

21 September 2007, 07:20
Hey there gotm4...glad to see you here. :cool:

21 September 2007, 21:08
Good looking site Stickman!

I concur. Followed over from Arf.com

Really impressed with your attention to detail in both photography and evaluations.
Thanks for the great resource!

John Hwang
21 September 2007, 21:31
We're glad to see you guys over here. We are trying to bring something different than what's already available on the internet. There are already plenty of really nice weapon sites out there. We want to make it manufacturer focused as well as having professional reviews written by professionals (I use that term loosely for Stick)

21 September 2007, 22:41
(I use that term loosely for Stick)

Hahhahaha, we'll see if you get your lens back! ;)

22 September 2007, 06:42
Indeed a very cool site with excellent information. Keep up the good work guys.

22 September 2007, 23:58
Nice site. Came over from arf.com

23 September 2007, 12:07
First post here.

I think it looks good too.

I've been readng Stick's stuff from ARFCOM and M4Carbine for a while now. I like the technical aspect there seems to be here.

Looking forward to reading alot of good info!


30 September 2007, 10:56
I like it a lot. Thanks, Stickman. If you hadn't posted over GT's AR pic thread, I would never have found it.[:)]

1 October 2007, 20:37
Yup - nice place. Looks like it's gonna be a great resource center for my next build. Thanks, creators.

3 October 2007, 04:29
jmtgsx, Paulinski, guitpicker,RD62, 12131, Mantis...
Glad to see you all here as well.
Welcome! Tell your friends and neighbors (the squared away ones, that is ;)).