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4 February 2009, 17:12
Hello guys and pardon my ignorance,

What FF rail system options exist for a 14.5" barrel flattop carbine, that would satisfy the following requirements:

longer sight radius than stock M4 sights, with a BUIS
would leave a couple of inches of free barrel in front of the RIS

And do you have pics :) ? For example, do you have pics of a DD RIS II (GL/SSC or Mk18) mounted on a 14.5" barrel ?

LE: And I probably should have posted this in the AR Platform discussion, sorry about that :(

4 February 2009, 17:52
How about the DD Lite Rail 12.0?

4 February 2009, 18:56
DD M4A1 RIS II (http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=17) Anything 12" should leave a few inches of barrel past the rail.


4 February 2009, 23:40
is your muzzle device permanently attached?

5 February 2009, 05:07
14" barrel with 12" handguards:

14" barrel with 10" handguards:

14" barrel with 9" handguards:

My recommendation would be the 10" Handguards with the 14.5" barrel.

7 February 2009, 17:23
Thanks for the tips :)

10 February 2009, 14:24
For budget stuff, a TROY MRF will do - up to the 13.5" models, though a10" or 12" is probably more practical, not to mention cheaper and lighter.

DD Lite rail would be the class of the field...

If you have a permanent muzzl device, but want a low profile/extended FF look, then consider shaving down the FSB and adding an Omega rail, but that's more of a workaround than ideal solution.

4 June 2009, 21:00
I run a 12" Lite rail on a LMT 14.5" upper that looks somewhat like the upper Jeffy posted:


I'm considering doing a similar build with an Noveske Afghan barrel and 12" Omega, but since the barrel is already pretty beefy I might try out a 10" Lite rail. I would also like to standardize on the lite rails because once the lock up ring/barrel nut are installed, you can move the rails around to different rifles pretty easily. I'm not to concerned about sight radius with the 10" rail. I've changed up my config on my LMT so the front sight sits back a bit and a Surefire X300 sits at 12 o'clock in front of the sight.