View Full Version : Well crap... Law folder vs JP silent springs?

25 October 2015, 23:19
Welp... this sucks. I finally got the gumption up to get a Law Tactical Folder, Gen3-M. Pretty cool, huh? I was pretty excited, as the idea of the PDW stocks are pretty spendy and such. I'd love the CMT PDW lower but I already have the registered lowers. So the folder would fill a gap, allowing for more 'discreet' carrying of my SBR, like in a basic, nondescript backpack.

Except for the fact that I totally missed (ie, did not even LOOK at) the JP Enterprises FAQ that states, and I quote...

Will the JPSCS work with the Law Tactical folding stock adapter?
No, not as of the Gen. 3-M model.

Well nuts. Guess I shoulda looked at all the parties involved to make sure they play nice together. So on the UCWRG 5.56 10" SBR I guess it boils down to...

1) Law Folder w/ standard buffer spring setup - smaller space but TWANGY when suppressed
2) JP Silent Springs- not as compact but SILENT when suppressed (which is 90% of the time anymore)

I think I'll probably stick with the JP springs, and either put the folder on a 'not that often suppressed' gun (if one exists anymore?) or sell it and look into a PDW stock... not as fond of them due to cheek weld issues, proprietary BCG and such, and cost, but maybe I can get used to it. ButI don't think ANY of them would use the JP Springs...

Do I REALLY need to shove a gun into the smallest space possible? No, probably not, but that one time the zombies start doing the hokey pokey...

Haha... anyways, just a heads up to anyone that is looking at either system. Or hell, any number of multiple systems. Make sure they play nice together before you fork out the cash. Anyone want an only-installed-but-not-fired LAW folder? [BD]

25 October 2015, 23:42
If I had the cash Jim I'd take it. Saving that cash though for the other barrel and the bcg I need.

26 October 2015, 05:49
Do you need to stuff a tiny rifle into a small space?

Yes, yes you do.

Jerry R
26 October 2015, 10:51
but that one time the zombies start doing the hokey pokey...


4 January 2016, 15:11
I would just stick with a normal carbine extension tube and stock with the JP springs. I have a Troy PDW stock and a North Eastern Arms PDW stock. I ordered the NEC stock on backorder and then apparently forgot about it and ordered the Troy stock a couple weeks later, both got delivered the same day. I'm retarded. Anyways, now i have $700 worth of PDW stocks and other than looking cool they're less than ideal to shoot with. Unless you're on secret service detail and need to hide an AR under your suit jacket they're kind of pointless. There's way better ways to spend $350 IMO.

15 February 2016, 05:47
I just did the same thing. Forked over the cash for the folder adaptor and the SCS. Get everything completely installed, go to charge it to test function with a grin ear to ear and bam, doesn't charge. Ripped it apart and instantly saw what the problem was. [emoji20] So me being the determined over thinker I am I rebuild the SCS with a smaller guide rod so a relief hole could be drilled through the Law Tactical BCG extension. Got the SCS put back together threw it in another AR to test it out and suddenly it's not so silent anymore. The diameter of the included spring is to great for the smaller diameter guide rod so keep it quiet. A smaller diameter spring would be needed, one that more closely fits the diameter of the new guide rod while maintaining the same compression strength yada yada yada. After that point. I just put it back together with the original guide rod and now the SCS lives in one AR and the folder on another. It's a pity they don't get along, that'd be a nice setup indeed.