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El Cid
26 November 2015, 13:05
This build started as a stripped upper/lower set I snagged a couple years ago to have as a spare. As many have discovered, stripped lowers have a way of becoming full on rifles. I saw a barrel I felt would be great to try, and then it went on from there, buying parts over time.

This rifle has no specific purpose other than trying new concepts and configurations. As an example, I've always avoided tape switches as they seem fraught with risk/failure. But to run the laser and light how I wanted, a tape switch seemed like the best option. This rifle won't be used on duty or anything, so I'm willing to accept some risk.

Since it's a "because I can" build, and I think black firearms represent a bygone era, I tried to buy as many parts as I could in FDE or some shade of tan. The upper/lower came anodized in Desert Bronze. The smaller parts were tougher to locate - Battle Arms Development has cerakoted safeties and even take down pins. Basically anything you see in FDE/tan/etc. is a factory finish.

I love the Magpul M-lok grip panels! Very grippy, light and easy to install. I bought some panels from Strike Industries, but they didn't have much purchase so I am using them on the top/bottom just to protect the handguard from impacts. I'm also hoping the panels on top might help with heat mirage.

As I mentioned, I'm experimenting a bit with this build, so in place of BUIS I decided to use a laser. There are some drawbacks at longer ranges. I also am going to have to spend more range time with it to see if there is too much weight at the muzzle. I might move the CQBL up to the handguard top rail closest to the upper receiver. That would of course necessitate relocating the tape switch for the light and either a second switch for the laser, or just using the button on the unit.

Shooting the gun is very pleasant and flat. It's quickly becoming my favorite rifle. I'm sure the A5 kit plays a role in that. I'm also going without a VFG for now. I typically prefer a stubby VFG to use as a handstop and barrier stop. I bought the Unity Tactical VFG hoping it would attach to the handguard, but it didn't. May readdress if they release an M-lok version. For now I'm doing without.

The Midwest Indistries handguard is crazy light! If I recall the KMR was a touch lighter but the MI has 5 built in QD sockets. Add a QD cup to a KMR and I believe the weight advantage goes to the MI.

I have 359 rounds through it so far with no issues or malfunctions. Hoping the weather allows me to shoot for groups this weekend. I have some fairly high expectations for the Rainier barrel.

The RMR is my first (3.25 MOA) and is taking some getting used to as far as the view. Too many years looking through tubes I suppose. If I end up loving it I may get the 1 MOA version and move this one to a pistol.

I'll update this thread as I shoot it more and will post 10 shot groups when I get them.

Parts are as follows:
- CMT Tactical, billet upper/lower
- Rainier Arms Medcon barrel, 416R (16")
- Sionics NP3 BCG
- Vltor A5 Receiver Extension Kit
- B5 Bravo Stock
- B5/Umbrella Corp Pistol Grip
- BAD Ambi Safety
- BAD Take down Pins
- DSG Arms Forward Assist
- Seekins Magazine Catch button
- Seekins Bolt Catch
- Geissele SD-C Trigger
- AXTS Ambi Charging Handle
- Strike Industries Plastic Dust Cover
- Midwest Industries Lightweight M-lok Handguard (15")
- Surefire X300U
- Unity Tactical EXO
- Magpul M-lok 45 degree pic rail
- Surefire X300 tail switch
- Surefire double pressure pad swtich
- CQBL-1 visible/IR laser
- Vortex flash hider
- Bravo Company Gas block
- Seekins Melonited gas tube
- American Defense Mfg Optic Mount
- Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED
- VTAC Padded Sling
- ALG Forged QD Sling Swivels

El Cid
26 November 2015, 13:06








26 November 2015, 13:08
Looks good!

26 November 2015, 13:10
I have some of the magpul mlok panels and I'm a fan also. Super grippy

26 November 2015, 13:18
I love mismatched rifles.

26 November 2015, 14:12
Nice, looks good

26 November 2015, 16:22
That's a sweet looking weapon.

Jerry R
26 November 2015, 16:33
Nicely done!

El Cid
27 November 2015, 14:28
Thanks gents! Looking like rain tomorrow... hoping it stays clear long enough to get it zeroed and run some quality ammo for groups.