View Full Version : Tracer Hit Light Review

Dave Timm
27 November 2015, 23:41
Hi Guys,

This is a product I was really interested in when I first saw it. The Tracer Hit Light is a small, bright LED light that attaches to your steel target systems. When the target is hit the light activates. I've used similar, and more expensive, products in the 3gun but the simplicity and cost of the Tracer Hit Light really excited me. This made shooting a lot of fun. When I first saw the light flash I was really impressed with the product. A few of us hung out after a class and shot it out to 575 in day light and could see the light. Learn more about it and see it in use in our video review.


Also the owner of Tracer Hit Light wanted me to share a coupon code for my viewers, LFVID