View Full Version : How to properly thread lock and torque fasteners

Dave Timm
9 December 2015, 13:15
Hi Guys,

We see this issue and get asked about this a ton, how to properly tighten fasteners? At every class or event I've attended someone has something that comes loose or falls off. Almost overtime when I ask the shooter if they used loctite I get "no" a lot. One said he did use loctite but didn't degrease the screws. Likewise I'm always amazed at the number of shooters who are against thread locker or afraid to use it.

In this video we hope to address those issues and hope to answer questions. We show how we degrease, prepare, thread lock and properly torque fasteners and top it off with a witness mark. Hope this helps some of the new shooters around.

Thanks for watching!


9 December 2015, 16:50
As always, great video Dave! I like the idea of using a torch when cleaning the threads. Out of curiosity, have you noticed any difference between the bolts with pre-applied thread locker vs applying the thread locker yourself? I've never had any problems with bolts that come with thread locker pre-applied, but having the wet thread locker cure against both surfaces makes me think it would perform better.

Dave Timm
9 December 2015, 22:47
I haven't had any issues with pre-applied Loctite, such as magpul grip screws for example. But my OCD usually kicks in for other stuff where I remove whatever was applied from the factory and start fresh. I'm also the guy who gets a brand new rifle and detail disassembles it and reassembles it to make sure it's done right so take my advice for what it's worth. What is sad is that rifles from even reputable companies have missed things or cut corners such as low torque, missing grease/anti-seize, staking etc etc.