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Dave Timm
17 January 2016, 10:02
Hi everyone,

We recently are going through a little cold weather in MN and I thought we would take advantage and answer a question we had. Do some gun lubes freeze? Well the answer is yes as we saw and others have tested as well. Fore example several have tested froglube and found it to freeze so we didn't include that as we didn't have any. For our video I gathered up what I could find in the shop and placed a sample outside overnight.

Part 2 added!

Here are the videos, thanks for watching!


Dave Timm
24 January 2016, 01:12
Part 2


24 January 2016, 04:41
-24 degrees ?!? That's crazy Dave. In the Pac NW we whine when it gets anywhere near freezing. Thanks to you and the camera operator for taking one for the team!

24 January 2016, 07:50
Yeah I agree with the slip EWL, works well up here in summer through winter. Been out shooting at those temps(-25) and my rifles functioned perfectly. A few years ago the wind chill up on my land was -60 degrees. As soon as you stepped out side exposed skin just starts to burn. Lately I have been running the EWL with a light coat of the EWG on top of it in certain areas of my pistols and rifles and its like its sliding on ball bearings, good stuff.

24 January 2016, 09:39
Glad I don't have to mess with that cold down here! It's only dipped below freezing a couple nights so far.

24 January 2016, 09:49
Heh heh. I actually had the privilege of visiting Learning Firearms HQ last weekend.

Very cool lube performance evaluation. I have several little sample bottles of Slip 2000, mainly because it's part of the goody bag that Dave hands out at all the training courses he hosts. Dave's test is relevant to us here in the Land of Ice and Snow. Today it's 30 degrees. Minus 24? Yeah that's cold. You need to put on a warm jacket. On the other hand, I've been to Phoenix in August. That is some nasty temperature and I don't understand how humans can live like that.

Dave Timm
24 January 2016, 14:08
Thanks guys for the comments and feedback. We like it cold in MN but sometimes it get be miserable.

13 March 2016, 06:15
As your neighbor from ND, I find this very interesting. I have been using EWL for years, and have had great results.

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13 March 2016, 06:58
Where's WeaponShield? Guess it's so good, it doesn't need to be tested. :)

13 March 2016, 17:15
In the early 80's we did some ECWS training in northern Alaska. -50 F. was the cut-off for our training. With the ECWS gear and technology then, anything colder was considered just too freaking cold, for an exercise, and add to that it was dark 24/7. But to the point, we were instructed to clean every drop of lube, grease, anything out of our weapons, which also included a 1911. Then we applied this stuff that was liquid and clear/green, which acted like a carrier, and dried, almost instantly, to leave an almost "powdery" feeling "film" on the parts. We didn't actually ever get to do any live fire, but was assured that many before us had, and was told the stuff was amazing. Just wondering if any one else actually used that stuff, and remember what it was? I wonder how it would stand up to Dave's ridiculously cold weather, or if it's still even manufactured? Anyone here remember what it was? That was the first and last time I ever saw it and won't even try to recall what it was called. As an aside, we were told hunters used it up there, mostly on the outside of the barrel to prevent condensation from doing damage when a rifled was carried into a warm tent. They didn't use any type of lube, due to the problems some of Dave's tests pointed out, but they were hunting during light, warmer weather, and a bolt action rifle certainly wouldn't have wear issues, firing one or two shots at the most.


13 March 2016, 17:58
KG makes a dry film lube that behaves like you described. The carrier evaporates like acetone.

13 March 2016, 18:28
Yeah, I googled it and found it at Mid USA. Don't know if it's the same stuff or not, but every BCU I have is NIB and I use very little lube anyway. Carbon build-up has never been a problem for me with NIB, so I wonder how this stuff would work? Maybe I'll just dedicate it to one rifle and shoot the hell out of it, and compare it to what I normally use on my rifles.


Dave Timm
14 March 2016, 18:30
Where's WeaponShield? Guess it's so good, it doesn't need to be tested. :)
Trying to get a sample for next winter. I've heard it's good stuff

Dave Timm
14 March 2016, 18:31
As your neighbor from ND, I find this very interesting. I have been using EWL for years, and have had great results.

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Glad you liked it, We make it to Fargo every so often.

14 March 2016, 19:14
Glad you liked it, We make it to Fargo every so often.
On behalf of all the other North Dakotans, I would like to offer our sincerest apologies. ;-)

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16 March 2016, 06:45
Damn, do people really survive winters and live in ND? I always thought that was a myth.[:D]

16 March 2016, 06:50
That's how we keep the riff raff out. ;-)

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16 March 2016, 10:34
After spending 10 years in Grand Forks area and 5 in Fargo, Minneapolis feels like the tropics. That northern prairie wind is a killer.

16 March 2016, 10:36
It's in the 40s today. Temperature and wind speed.

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16 March 2016, 13:33
Can we just get a banner that says Froglube is shit it you live north of Pensacola and be done with it?

17 March 2016, 13:18
In my non scientific test, I threw 2 tubes of Froglube in my -2 degree freezer. The standard Froglube is a brick, but the extreme is still just as viscous as it was at room temperature.

17 March 2016, 23:57

Never played with the extreme, but seen the regular stuff freeze up in front of me.

Was also cleaning out something I set aside and cleaned and took it out the other day just for a hell of it cleaning, damn frog lube in spots had hardened up pretty well in quite a few areas...needless to say I've had no problems when it's not cold out,but only using what I have left in the warmer months and then on to something else..

18 March 2016, 03:08
Modern spartan systems will not freeze

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