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5 March 2009, 09:37
Dont know for sure where this post would be appropriate, hopefully here. I did do a search and did not come up with anything so here is my question.

Stick, I was wondering if you could share tips on how you get such incredible photos. Your stuff is incredibly professional and I would just like to be able to come close to capturing some of my stuff on film the way you do. If you have time or get bored maybe throw me a bone. If nobody else has asked I know they are wondering too. Thanks

PS, I finished my AR build last night, alot due to your great how to's and such so thanks again.

Army Chief
5 March 2009, 09:52
That's actually not a bad idea at all. A Tips & Techniques 101 featurette might be most welcome. What Stick brings to the game more than anyone else is a sense of balance. Somewhere between "crappy cell phone pic" and Nagata's overly-theatrical exposes lies that perfect middle ground, and clearly Stick knows how to find it.

Sure, this is probably equal parts art and science, but how about it, Stick? Got an evening to throw together a basic primer on "dos and don'ts" for us sometime?


5 March 2009, 18:24
Not just his excellent pictures but as I posted on another forum, whenever Stick speaks, I STFU and listen!

8 March 2009, 18:07
I've written posts up before on weapon pictures, I'll try to find one of the threads or write something up again.