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Silencer Shop
8 March 2016, 10:27
The Gemtech Aurora is a super short 9mm silencer that does not have a piston or booster and makes your 9mm handgun hearing safe. This silencer uses wipes and an ablative such as water or gel to reduce the sound signature.

This is not available on our site however we do get limited numbers and post them for sale on our social media sites. Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilencerShop/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/silencershop/) for special sales and limited runs.


8 March 2016, 20:19
I know Jerry, one of our mods has a can using wipes that seems to do the job well. I've always been curious about the wipes in a can.

Impressive sound reduction for the length of that suppressor!

8 March 2016, 20:31
That looks pretty interesting. I am curious how it works. Wipes? What you mean wipes? [:D]

Silencer Shop
9 March 2016, 08:44
Essentially it seals up after each shot and allows very little gas to escape. So you can have a good sounding silencer in a small package. The downside is that they wear out rather quickly.

26 February 2017, 03:17
Been looking harder at the Aurora lately. Are these wipes easily obtained after they're shot out?

26 February 2017, 04:53
The older cams with wipes you just make them. Most are rubber or felt. I would assume they still suck as far as accuracy goes though.

27 February 2017, 01:36
I hear wipe based suppressors are more for nightstand guns vs. range use because of the limited rounds you get from the wipes. Good to know you can make more though. Sounds like a pain in the ass in general, but good for that nightstand gun use.

Silencer Shop
27 February 2017, 15:05
Yes from Gemtech or you can make your own.