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19 March 2016, 12:00
As some of you know, I'm taking a big step away from the AR platform this year. I'll still shoot my AR's, but as far as new projects, I just don't need anymore. [BD] If I end up building anything new, it will have to be at the expense of an existing gun, as I will tear one down for parts.

With that said, I've often thought as far as fun shooting goes, it doesn't get much better than a .22LR especially with a can. So any of you out there own a GSG MP5 pistol or a Umarex MP5 Rifle, that you've converted into an SBR?

It would obviously be easier to convert a GSG pistol, as I would just have to put a stock on it after I get my stamp vs having to think about chopping, threading, a Umarex MP5. However, I feel that the Umarex is higher quality, and more inline with an actual MP5's dimensions. Any of you guys converted one or even have any input on how you like your 22LR version?

Thanks in advance.

26 March 2016, 23:18
I've shot one, but didn't build it or have anything to do with building it. When my Specwar 556 was in jail, my SOT let me take it to the range with him. He was testing one he built for another customer.

I would call him up and ask, but he kinda went off the deep end with dope, so that door is closed. Sorry I can't help.

Battle Cock
26 March 2016, 23:39
GSG-5 was the first gun I ever purchased with my own money. I ran into some serious issues with light primer strikes due to fouling on the bolt face 150 rounds or so after a good cleaning. And that was running clean ammo. Its sitting in a safe back in CA and I've never gotten it to run right. But then, my grimy 18yr old hands weren't too great at gunsmithing at the time. Its a pre HK lawsuit true GSG-5 not a GSG-522. I don't know anything about the Umarex version, but my experience with the GSG-5 makes me hope there are better options out there for you. I certainly would never buy another one.

27 March 2016, 07:56
I did a form1 on a 5PK when they first came out. I quickly lost interest in it. Looks sharp, but I've enjoyed my 5" .22 AR upper more. My 10/22 and M&P 15/22 both get more trigger time than the The above SBRs.