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Silencer Shop
19 April 2016, 14:48
The Griffin Checkmate (http://www.silencershop.com/silencers/rimfire/griffin-armament-checkmate-qd-4363.html) uses a unique monocore baffle design that provides all the benefits of both monocore and K-Baffle designs, without the downsides:

A true K-Baffle suppressor is extremely quiet, with a minimal First Round Pop; but, tends to be more difficult to take apart and clean. The Checkmate solves the maintenance problem by using an monocore baffle design and includes a pusher tool to remove the core from the outer tube if it gets "stuborn."

This allows the Checkmate to perform like a K-Baffle suppressor without the maintenance hassles. We've shot the Checkmate quite a bit and it's definitely one of the quietest suppressors on the market!

The Checkmate's baffle core is 17-4 stainless and reinforced by the outer tube. As a result, it's one of the toughest suppressors out there - and is fully capable of handling calibers like .22 Mag and .17 HMR.

Are you looking for a direct thread suppressor, or a quick-attach? With the Checkmate, you essentially get both! A simple conversion kit is available that will allow you to convert your Checkmate QD into a direct thread mount.


19 April 2016, 15:09
It's on the short list. For sure.

19 April 2016, 20:02
I love mine. The QD feature is really nice with multiple hosts