View Full Version : Legal Pistol + Felony Crimes

25 April 2016, 23:01
Was reading an article about a casino robbed at gunpoint in Ca and was laughing when I saw the big scary fully auto military styled death machine is a Ar pistol with a 10 round mag . I wonder If they catch the guy will he be charged for shouldering a Sig Brace ?
Its also funny how many people comment on it being a rifle but it is technically a Ca legal pistol unless its missing a bullet button .
I'm originally from SF and go on the site to laugh at the comment on gun related stuff . Warning the opinions expressed are SF uber far left so be prepared

Sequim Shooter
25 April 2016, 23:08
He shoulderd a sig brace!
Probally a bigger penalty than the robbery :(

26 April 2016, 04:09
Looks like a UTG scope. What's up with those gloves??? Looks like he's a guy fallen on hard times and did something brazen and without much planning based on the gear he used (including a personal vehicle).

26 April 2016, 04:55
Ugh. It's stuff like this that makes it even harder for California gun owners to keep what they already have.

Jerry R
26 April 2016, 05:54
He shoulderd a sig brace!
Probally a bigger penalty than the robbery :(

Not necessarily, the casino might be a Family owned operation. If that is the case, the Police will never find them.