View Full Version : Lightweight BCM, Fortis & PSA Upper

28 April 2016, 02:05
I get jaded sometimes with all the goofy AR products being produced now.

But then some junk falls in my lap, so to speak, that is just cool as hell and I end up building something neat sort of accidentally.

Check out how the flash hider just BARELY clears the Fortis 14" Rev II rail ... LOL I didn't plan that, it just worked out. Crazy, and I love it.

This Fortis system is great. It's unbelievably light and uses a standard barrel nut so you can use a pinned/welded muzzle device if necessary (I got a deal on the barrel, otherwise I'd prefer a 16").

BCM BFH 14.5" Lightweight mid-length barrel with pinned & welded BCM comp
BCM low profile gas block
Standard barrel nut
MidwayUSA gas tube
PSA forged upper
PSA premium BCG with HPT/MPI bolt






Battle Cock
28 April 2016, 14:36
That barrel/muzzle device and handguard combo are the perfect lengths. That thing looks too short to be non NFA.
I love it too. I've got a lightweight build on my short list. I'm bookmarking this for inspiration.

28 April 2016, 14:41
Wow, that's pretty sweet. Can we get a pic of the whole gun?

29 April 2016, 13:18
Wow, that's pretty sweet. Can we get a pic of the whole gun?

Sure, once it's complete [:)]