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7 June 2016, 01:27
I'm building a new sbr and have decided on a 10.3/10.5 barrel in 5.56 since I finally managed to get a CMT lefty upper .
I'm mulling over the 10.3 BA hanson profile barrel & the Faxon light 10.5 and would like to know if anyone has any experiences with these barrels or companies in general ?
Also I have been wondering on the quality being the price is significantly lower then most big name barrels and wanted to know if this is a get what you pay for or are bigger brands priced higher due to the name or is it the materials craftsmanship etc ?
This gun will be run suppressed and used as a trunk gun and not punching sub moa holes at distance I have stuff for that .
http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=XFXB105CGB&name=FAXON+FIREARMS+Light+10.5%22+5.56%2f.223+Cali ber+4150+CMV+Steel+AR+Barrel&groupid=6479

7 June 2016, 04:14
I've got two BA performance series barrels...they're good to go. Both are MOA shooters as long as I do my job. Quality is better than most that I've seen, and I think you would be hard pressed to find a better barrel for the price. I can't speak to the Faxon barrels, but one reason I'd choose the BA over them is the pinned gas blocks.

7 June 2016, 08:06
Personally, I still like CHF barrels when I go short. I'm typically shooting high round counts with my shorter uppers and not looking for precision.

Having said that, I have a Faxon 10.5 barrel as well as a few Ballistic Advantage 10.5's, they're all good shooters. Right now, I'd give a slight edge to the BA, just because I personally get all my barrels with pinned gas blocks, and BA offers them that way from the factory.

7 June 2016, 13:50
I think you've got your answer. Both comments above are solid. [emoji41]

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