View Full Version : AR 9 Questions

9 June 2016, 20:02
I'm putting together a PSA 9mm Glock mag carbine. Stripped lower here and 16" upper on the way. I've already been told to use a mil spec trigger as these beat on the trigger too hard for my preferred Geissele 2 stage. So I am using a QMS with JP spring kit - approx. 4.5 lb pull.

Do I need a special weight buffer? I have several up to H2 laying around. Standard spring okay?

10 June 2016, 02:35
There's some info in this thread, about all I can help as no 9mm build yet for me


10 June 2016, 04:38
Thanks Stang. I sure hope I don't need that $150 bolt with the long barrel.