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19 August 2016, 22:52
I know it's a small part but I decided to give it a go. Before I was running a regular Magpul MOE grip on my 10.5 SBR. Yes it was nice but over time I noticed that my wrist had an extreme bend to it (which became uncomfortable) or my right elbow would subconsciously stick out some to relieve that stress. I happened to be looking around and I found the Magpul K2 grip which is quite a bit more vertical in orientation. It is definitely a noticeable difference.

The mail man just brought it to me today but I installed it and first impressions are very good. My wrist isn't nearly as strained or bent to some weird angle and I can much more easily keep my elbow tucked in. Before I would pull the stock out a few clicks and that was most comfortable, but with this I can go fully collapsed no problem and still have my right elbow tucked in. Even with the stock extended it feels better to me. So far I am really digging it.

For $21 bucks or whatever I find it to be a pretty darn good improvement. Same gun, same stock, same everything, except the grip and it makes the gun feel even more natural to hold.

It's worth a try.

Any thoughts, questions or comments bring em on.

19 August 2016, 23:11
The K2 is my most common grip choice.

19 August 2016, 23:31
The K2 is my most common grip choice.

For my other AR I will probably leave it as is (MOE grip) because I am generally shooting off a bipod, prone, a bench or a whole bunch of other stuff.

But even then it might be useful... however for an SBR it's not even in question anymore for me. It took about 15 minutes and I was glad I bought it.

20 August 2016, 01:52
I'm not on the same page with the K2 it's Allright but something about it plus what it's going on..

I have an umbrella on my pistol and like it on there but not on a longer rifle, have grown fond of the bcm grips and std moe grips..but haven't tried much else