View Full Version : Heckler and Koch VP9 in Grey

2 November 2016, 18:36

Caliber Length Height Width Barrel Length Sight Radius
9mm 7.34 in. 5.41 in. 1.32 in. 4.09 in. 6.38 in.

Weight (Empty Magazine)
26.56 ounces

2 November 2016, 19:45
That's so light grey, it looks photoshopped.

2 November 2016, 20:40
My colorblind eyes want to say that's probably pink pretending to be grey.

3 November 2016, 04:26
Kinda always wanted to do a winter cammo scheme.

3 November 2016, 06:37
I want a Tactical, but on a FDE Frame. The Grey looks photoshopped as someone already mentioned.

3 November 2016, 06:44
The slide looks like it was finished with Testors model paint. Way to light grey.

Jerry R
3 November 2016, 08:54
I want a Tactical,

Counseled a friend on a couple of purchases two weeks ago, Shield 9mm and VP-9. LGS had both in stock, and Barry asked about threaded barrels for the VP-9 (thinking ahead). Smart LGS guy said, "Yes, they are available, but the Tactical already has one, plus night sights, plus three magazines; and for less money than the one you are looking at if you add the aftermarket threaded barrel." The sale was done. That's a very nice pistol. Have not seen one in FDE.