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103m 95g
17 March 2009, 17:03
I like the New WEVO font, but what is the new graphic?

17 March 2009, 18:22
I've seen two new graphics. I think this one looks better then the red one that bled out of the header.

So what's the meaning behind the logo?

Army Chief
18 March 2009, 00:43

As many of you have noticed, we've been quietly introducing new visual elements over the past couple of days, and are still working to get the right balance as we "re-brand" a few elements of the site. Incorporation of the new logo has involved a bit of on-the-fly testing as we've previewed a couple of variations. The final form of the logo (below) is featured on our main page at www.weaponevolution.com, and now appears elsewhere throughout the site.


Conceptually, each element in the logo is intended to serve as a representation of a major theme related to our purpose here at Weapon Evolution. I'll "quote" myself here so the narrative stands out for the sake of clarity.

Weaponry - The arrow is symbolic of the tools of war throughout human history, while the "in-flight" orientation evokes the concept of forward progress.

Technology - The circular element was originally conceived as a visual representation of an ancient warrior's shield, but itself evolved into something more reminscent of a gear, which provides an intrinsic link to industry, technology and machinery.

Identity - The three bars running counter to the shaft of the arrow remind us of the three main objectives of the site (information, evaluation and discussion), but upon closer inspection you can see that these are actually stylized representations of the characters W (above) and E (below), which of course stand for Weapon Evolution.

Finally, the surface treatment resembles that of Damascus steel, which reminds us of the hand-crafted origins of the weaponsmith's art.

I'm constantly re-working composites for various projects, and at the moment there is considerable momentum to complete a t-shirt design, along with a few other promotional items. Over time, the intent is for this to become a widely-recognized component of Weapon Evolution as we grow.


Army Chief
18 March 2009, 01:20
Since it is entirely logical that these questions will continue to be asked, I've duplicated the core of this post as a sticky in the announcements section (http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966).

You are, of course, welcome to add further questions or comments to this thread, as desired.


103m 95g
18 March 2009, 01:25
I picked up on the W, E, part of it but the rest had me wondering.

excellent explanation

Army Chief
18 March 2009, 03:06
I'm slightly surprised that you picked up on the subtle W & E components, actually. Good eye for detail!

In considering all of this (and answering the questions raised in this thread) it occurred to me how many of the logos we see every day -- even within the arms industry -- are rarely explained.

For example, the "prancing pony" is somewhat intuitive, but why does Colt use a large, serpentine C? Why did POF adapt what looks like a variant of the old Army Air Forces "star and bar?" What in the world -- as unquestionably cool as it is -- does the Bobro logo represent? What possesed Noveske to round off and roll over the classic Eisern Kreuz? (Which is, without a doubt, another clear winner.) I hate to admit it, but it actually took me a while to even figure out that the Magpul logo was, uh, a silhouette of the original magpul product.

And so, in the finest traditions of adopting a cool design that actually has some relevant symbology, we've arrived at the Weapon Evolution "geared arrow" -- or whatever we're going to start calling it. On that note, your suggestions are always welcome. :)


18 March 2009, 06:26
AC - I think you have done an outstanding job with the graphics. You definitely have an artistic touch.

19 March 2009, 06:40
AC - Excellent job on the graphics and explaining the concept behind it.

19 March 2009, 08:03
That's a righteous logo so,........ When are we going to see any gear?:P

19 March 2009, 08:24
reminds me of:


Army Chief
19 March 2009, 09:27
I hadn't considered that as a source of subconscious inspiration, but you're right: we did end up with a rather masculine design. While I have the utmost respect for the ladies, I just happen to be "old school" enough to find that quietly apropos. :)


19 March 2009, 09:55
totally legit in my eyes ;)

Experienced Vandal
19 March 2009, 14:33
The new logo definitely rocks.

22 March 2009, 15:31
btw...what's that magpul logo again?

Army Chief
23 March 2009, 00:22
This view of the current iteration of their original product is about as close as I can come to a definitive answer.