View Full Version : Oddjob Remodel

22 December 2016, 13:44
I was changing out some grips so all my SBRs had Mod3's and thinking about a character in a book I'm reading who wears a steel lined Bowler like Oddjob in "Goldfinger." Which made me think of the odd ball AR parts laying around. So here are a bunch on one gun and why they work. Awful pic I know. One of these days I'll cave and get a smart phone.

Base is a BCM BHF 14.5' pinned with Mega upper and lower and CMR rail. QMS trigger and carbine H buffer. Odd one-of parts are the BCM stock which is not my favorite, but better than some and no other spares left. Rosch Works light/sight combo which allowed me to use the Matech rear which doesn't match any front. Umbrella grip 23 which would be my favorite if it had a storage compartment. (Hence Mod3's on shorties to stash stamps) and finally an old twice rattle-canned Comp ML2 co-witness that is good as new under the ugly. The offset Arisaka Scout was a little handier and the Rosch can fit any rail so will wait and see how I like shooting this config when it warms up.