View Full Version : The Woodland Build - Full Billet Redux

27 January 2017, 14:33
I think most of you know my woodland camo build.


It was my first camo cerakote job, and wasn't really intended to do much but showcase the Transformer Rail on launch, as well as the panels I had Executive Ordnance cut for it.

Well since then that camo job has changed a lot of what I do, and brought many other jobs (especially from this forum - thanks!). The thing that sucks is I ALMOST like this rifle. I'm not totally stoked on the quality of this job vs what I do now, and I never liked the forged upper.

Recently in my trade post I picked up a nice Fortis billet upper from Fledge, with the intention that it be used on my M&P with some other rail. It fit ok for that purpose, but didn't line up great. For shits and giggles I put a Transformer on the Fortis (actually the prototype rail) and the fit is fantastic - like they were made for each other. All the lines match up so clean.

Now this was throwing my plans a little off, so I decided to also try the Fortis on the Lanco billet lower that is the base for the woodland gun. Again, fits like a dream. It matches so well it has to be done.

At the same time Cerakote announced their "Elite" series (which I ordered right away) and I knew what had to be done.

It's time to rebuild this rifle right, sandblast off that well known camo, and spray it again with some new parts, sticking to woodland, with the Elite series.

The Basics that are staying:

Lanco Tactical billet lower


Sabre Defense 14.5 mid gov contour
Transformer rail


EO Grip and Panels, brown "Trax"
Untiy Tactical 'VTAC' Model Fusion


Things I know I want to change/upgrade:

Fortis upper
V7 port door
BAD (or equivalent) safety
FC bolt catch
Trigger - CMC? I think it needs to be a flat trigger
HVA ambi mag release

I don't know how I feel about the SL stock.. still on the fence, I want something 'nice' just don't know about the Fortis LA - Fledge recommended the JL Billet as an alternative I am considering.

Buffer tube - really think I want to do a PWS, something just a step above the norm. The sling/end plate on there has been too many places and staked at each and needs to retire.

Rear sight - probably an FDE Troy, should match the Fusion well. Front sight - may trade for the fixed fusion

Charging handle - has a BCM ambi now, but I really am shooting for no black parts, and am considering (vs coating this one) the Geissele in DDC.

Light - worked out with Slippers. Will be his 300, and will match.

As for aesthetics, as mentioned, black is going away, but I may do things differently, and coat the lower parts / buffer tube / FA in sand or earth (vs carrying the pattern), and then use the mentioned tan anodized CH, possibly optics mount, and my VTAC front base. I will likely coat or anodize the EO grip frame as well.

Barrel.. it has to go to Marvin Pitts. It needs dimpling. I don't care about any pros-cons. I love the way it looks, non-negotiable on this one. Muzzle device.. I love my FSC but maybe, just maybe I go Dead Air and a Pyro.

Optics.. Unsure. I have a stigmatism, don't really like T1s.. open to suggestions here. Same with stock choice, anything you all want to throw out there.

I will try to keep this thread well stocked with pictures.