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15 March 2017, 15:38
Curiosity got the best of me after reading the "ad" for the Arsenal Democracy Switch trigger system that GOST posted in the new products thread. I had been doing a lot of research as to what trigger I would use for the .357 Sig I'm putting together, starting as soon as I can get the receiver from Rainer.

So, I got on the phone and called them. I introduced myself and explained I was a forum member in WEVO. I spoke to, who shortly I found out, Dave, the owner. I explained myself and politely asked him a simple question, which was "why should I buy your trigger". I got no attitude or anything else like it. He went into (quite a bit) of detail about what goes into the making of his trigger system. He went into more detail than I thought, given I would have considered it proprietary information. When he realized I actually knew a little about his manufacturing processes, he went above and beyond in going into even more detail. Not only the what, but also his philosophy behind his design and it's finished attributes.

So, I gave it some thought for a while, and decided that I would be the WEVO test dummy for the trigger, and decided to use it in the Polymer80 receiver and ordered one (trigger) today. I told him it would be a while, since the receivers were put on hold, and I have to send it to Battle Cock for stippling, and get it back before I can finish machining it. (Battle Cock) - if you see this post, you must be getting famous because he said that he had heard of your work. After that, I can have it together pretty quickly, I have all of the parts here waiting.

He mentioned that he would visit WEVO and explain his trigger more thoroughly than what is just in the ad, and GOST has an address for a you tube video, if anyone else might be interested in watching. I don't normally make knee-jerk decisions, but it only took me about 24 hours to decide on this, over a million other possibilities. I'll keep the rest to myself so as not to misspeak, and to just let him explain how much he changed the standard Glock trigger's design. Hoping to get my lower receiver soon, and will do a follow-up, if anyone might be interested.

15 March 2017, 15:57
Looking forward to your review and thoughts on it FT! Keep us posted. I'm ready for my Lower as well

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22 March 2017, 20:24
I'm not holding my breath waiting on the Polyer80 lower. Hell of a time to find a major quality issue, when the project is in production, or staged for production. Well, at least they did find it and are correcting them prior to shipping, something a company with lesser business ethics might try to pull, so I respect them for that.

My slide is over at my bud's getting cerakoted so at least I can assemble it when he get's it done, and stick it on my 23 and function test it while I'm dickin' around waiting. No idea what Battle Cock's turnaround is going to be, but I suspect he'll be getting slammed more than he is now.

After that I'm guessing a couple of hours or less on the mill, depending on set-up time, then a couple of hours assembling the whole thing. I've never did one of these (80% lower) so I'm just taking a WAG there. Then I'm going to the range and shoot 10 boxes of cheap Privi ammo. If all goes well, I'll snag a couple of boxes of premium SD ammo. That'll be 540 rounds. If I get a zero fail cool, I'll trust it. If it runs like a used Yugo, I'm just going to hang my head and pay someone to kick me in the ass until I drop.


12 May 2017, 12:43
Steve Coulston review:


13 May 2017, 13:16
Steve Coulston review:


Hoping when I get back from the Keys fishing trip, I'll be able to get some time in my bud's shop to finish the milling and drilling the lower. Have a complete slide and the lower back from Battle Cock, now have a little bottle neck in the flow to finish an hour or less of machining keeping me from finishing the damned thing. But I guess since I got free cerakoting and free time on someone else's Bridgeport, I don't have any right to bitch about anything.

If the thing runs well, I'll be happy, and if the Switch trigger lives up to it's hype, I'll be really happy. This was a one time experience/experiment for me. The cost vs. benefit over just buying a G32 is goofy stupid, but that's not the point of doing this.

But the trigger, being second only behind reliability, will be extremely interesting to get to experience and judge for myself.


13 May 2017, 21:22
Here's some YouTube: