Weapon Evolution FAQ

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Mission Statement

Weaponevolution.com is designed to be a functional resource for new and emerging weapons and components as given through the eyes of experienced Law Enforcement and Military personnel who carry a weapon for a living.

Board Rules

  • 1. Professionalism is expected from all members who post or use this board. This board is not restricted to professionals, but posts are expected to be made in a manner which conveys a responsible and professional tone.
  • 2. No posting of personal information. The Law Enforcement and Military community takes OPSEC seriously due to threats from the operational world we live in. This site takes that information seriously as well. Unless a poster has listed personal information on this board before, it is not to be posted.
  • 3. No posting of illegal information, pictures which may not be work safe, or material which is not specific to the theme of the section you are posting in.
  • 4. Manufacturer issues/ problems need to be brought to the attention of that specific company before posting on the board. The online community often has information taken out of context due to less than full or credible information given. These posts can be damaging whether intentionally done or not. We ask that you contact the company first, as no doubt any of us would prefer to hear information directly from the source. This does not preclude you from posting problems, but if you just bought something and found a problem, contact the company and see what they say before you post about it.
  • 5. If you aren't posting information based on personal experience, state that in your post. There is a big difference between having done something yourself, and having read it online or having heard about it. Along those same lines, if you state or allude to being in the military, a veteran, police officer, or fire fighter and are shown not to be, you will be removed from this board. The sacrifices and work of others will not be used to promote a false persona here. In other words, be honest in your posts.
  • 6. Advertising for the purpose of promoting goods and services is not permitted by non-sponsors, and individuals are not permitted to promote sites which are unrelated to weapons and weapons-development themes. Exceptions may be made, but will be done with coordination of the board administrator.
  • 7. Disclosure of affiliation with weapon manufacturers or dealers is mandatory in your profile. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with the site, please contact a board administrator.
  • 8. This board deals with weapons and accessories which are inherently dangerous. While every effort has been made to keep all information accurate, and explain things in a safe manner, you are responsible for your own actions and safety. If in doubt, find a professional to ask in person or perform the work for you.

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