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HK416 stuff is all overpriced. Juice isn't worth the squeeze at this point.
Welllll........I agree it's overpriced. But if my cost analysis spreadsheet ends up matching reality with what I'm working on, it has the potential to be worth the squeeze.

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Not baggin on these, cause if I shot at a range, I'd probably get one just for bragging rights (Be honest, why else?), but that just looks heavy AF.
My optic setup is 1 oz less than UW's. I have the same optic config on a CQBR Block 2. The CQBR has a light but no PEQ. The 416 is definitely heavier, but it's not the end of the world, and I'm no body builder. UW also has a "slim" profile barrel, which helps. Yes, it's heavy, and a few ounces heavier than a like-built DI upper, but so is anything with a variable optic and light/laser/suppressor combo.

I'm not sure if the G-rail is heavier than the OEM Pic rail.