We are relatively new to Weapon Evolution and as a site sponsor. Those of you who may be familiar with us may recognize us as a division under Pandion Tactical LLC, teaching law enforcement and civilian courses since 2012 in and around South Carolina.

Under The Fortis Project banner, we are having a unique course specifically designed for civilian concealed carry customers and off duty/plain clothes officers. The price of the course ($175) is substantially lower than our standard 8hr courses in an effort to reach the very people that might need this course the most. Advanced Pistol Concealment will discuss and practice the following topics and techniques:

Use of force and the fluidity of situational variables
Dynamic presentation from a concealed holster
Shot placement - combat efficiency
Speed and administrative reloads
Engagement at tight distances
Incorporation of movement techniques
Scenario based training

Our philosophy for all of our courses is that we strive to build your current skill level and allow you to improve upon your personal training sessions. There is a lack of training courses that incorporate the mindset, profiling, and legal responsibility that each CCW American faces. Too many schools want to focus on shot timers and speed, while the art of adaption, responsiveness and responsibility are being lost.

If you want to have a solid discussion and training on the use of force, shoot/no shoot engagements, and practical concealed carry techniques, this course is for you.

Registration is available linked below: