"Sooner, not faster."

I saw a few posts about a "red dot" class which was put up by a mod of primary and secondary, this instantly got my attention as I had recently posted up an article about Optic Mounted Pistols and Conceptions in Application. I am also someone who wants my opinions and preconceptions challenged whenever feasible, so I sought out Scott Jedlinski (who was referred to the entire class as Jedi) and got a spot in this class knowing full well this was not the type of class I normally attend, specifically because it is competition focused and not tactics focused. Regardless of this I went into the class completely open minded and ready to accept whatever results came to be from Red Dot specific instruction. What I found was that this class was not just about optics on pistols, it was about proper pistol shooting through economy of motion. Scott's instruction is very passionate on this subject and it was very clear he believes in everything he teaches. My goal was to challenge my opinions of optic mounted pistols and their applications.
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