In June of 2016, Glock won the FBI Contract and rumors began to spread on various specifications of the Glock M models, which we know are very closely related to the new Gen5's. Like the M models, the Gen5's come with Ameriglo three-dot night sights which Glock seems to own the rights to in order to openly compete with other pistol manufacturers. This is a huge step in the right direction for Glock and it stemmed from their involvement with FBI Contract solicitation requirements (link to PDF, requirements can be found at C.4-14). The TL;DR of this is that the FBI wanted black steel, non reflective, sights which the rears can be racked off of one handed, they wanted a POA/POI at point of ledge (that is cutting the target in half with the front sight ledge at 25 yards), they wanted three-dot night sight setup, they needed to be "high visibility sights" which the FBI referred to the Trijicon HD's (GL101O) by name, the same type of sights I reviewed previously, and they wanted a "U" notch rear sight. Nothing within the solicitation required a specific front sight width or height, which means this was an excellent opportunity to create a really custom sighting system for the general public and LEOs throughout the US - buying a factory new duty-grade gun with high visibility front sights and the ability to have precision shoot capability, and Ameriglo jumped on this very quickly and hit a home run. I was fortunate enough to get a set of FBI Contract sight and BOLD sights from Ameriglo to beat up before the official release of the Gen5's last week, and I did put them through their paces. In this review of the FBI Contract sights and the BOLD sights I will cover everything from measurements to my experience from implementation of use. I have had these sighting systems since 10/16, so just shy of a full year, I have put tens of thousands of rounds downrange with these sights on several of my Glocks as well as on my EDC Glock 19.
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