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I've only owned a few pistols, and I am surer happy with my xDm. Aside from the double charge earlier this year, it's run very well for me. I only replaced my original one with a new threaded barrel version as it was cheaper to replace it rather than buying an aftermarket barrel. I started out shooting my Grandfathers service pistol, and really want to get a nice 1911, but only after I can afford such an endeavor. I've got a good friend who's built a few 1911s and they are very smooth operators. He's going to assist me with one when I get the parts. I've shot my brother's Beretta 92, and it's nice pistol, but I don't like the external trigger bar, as I shoot left handed and it feels funky with my grip.
Currently, I don't own any 9mm pistols, so I'm probably going to get a Glock gen 5, just don't know if it's going to be 19 or 17.
Please don't mod your grandpa's service pistol, although I might be old enough to be your grandpa, those stock pistols are getting more and more rare. Getting an Ed Brown, Wilson Combat or Les Baer pistol(s) can cost you out the nose, I'd prefer to keep a model 70 in the safe than the one of the finest customs. (Not knocking them, I've spent a fortune getting 1911's tune to the max by a few of the custom houses). Glad to hear your getting into Glocks. For a couple or 3 hundo's you can get a pretty slick gun, without bastardizing an increasingly rare 1911.