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    The Elander mags are fine. I have the 17, 20, and 24 round magazines and haven't had problems with any of them.

    The problems with broken bolts were generally caused by people using 7.62X39 bolts which don't have the correct bolt-face depth. I don't know anyone who's actually broken a bolt anytime recently, but there are loads of people who know someone who knows someone who broke fifteen bolts because the 6.5 Grendel is the devil's caliber or something, and if you shoot a 6.8 Spcl then angels come down and give you handies while a heavenly choir sings.

    I am really interested in the 224 Valkyrie, but near as I can tell that's the only noteworthy thing related to the 6.8.
    I am currently putting together a 6.8 SPC, and am a total newb with that caliber. But the company, Black Stone Arms, who's building my upper, told me they source their bolts that are specifically machined and then head spaced for 6.8SPC.
    Reason? Broken Bolts. I don't know anything else about devils and angles dancing around the range, but maybe there is some truth to it. (Broken Bolts)

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