Been wanting to try out a magwell for a while on the edc g19. Not for looks or cool points but what fits the best and is useful. Woman wants some ideas for bday/Xmas andmy lust is stupid, so a small thing or 2 is all I’mgivingher for ideas..times are tough..anyways..

I like the minimalist approach to this for carrying and the 2 that have my attention most are the agency arms or slr magwell.

I don’t like the ones with a screw popping out, as my grip is already a hair big on the g19 and a little more room and a “shelf” for my pinky I think would really help.. That or I’m gonna throw this in the corner and grab a m&p 2.0..grip feels better..wish I hadn’t sold off my only m&p..

Pics are helpful as I’ve never been able to see/play with any in hand.. No stores or friends close by that have anything to finger bang..