When I was gearing up to do the first of several Goruck events I decided that the Vertx Gamut was not the pack I wanted to use for that particular purpose, it was not designed the same way as the Goruck GR1 and offered a different type of pack for the "ruck" application. I ended up grabbing a GR1 in Java (which was a limited edition color at the time I purchased it) after signing up for a Goruck event. They send you a discount code (which I do not know if they do anymore or not as I have not done one in a few years) and I used the code to purchase the GR1 and a 30lb filler bag. I think the code was for 20% off? I do not remember for certain as it was around November of 2014. I have carried the bag nearly every single day from around May of 2015 until very recently when I replaced it with a Mystery Ranch Urban Assault.
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